daimici robert

Daimici Robert

Damici is the product of two very creative parents, a record-producer/film composer father and former-model/ beauty queen mother.

Robert has been a professional dancer/choreographer since 2002. The schools she attended were National Dance Champions every year. She says, “The first time I took a Choreography class I knew that was what I wanted to do!” She received the Orchid Award, her name is engraved on the wall with the other dancers to achieve this honor.

Damici Robert

She graduated with an AS Degree in Choreographic Studies and Dance. She says, “I’ve been fortunate to perform at major concerts, music videos across the globe, where I got to feel the history of other artists from Angels Stadium, to many performances in Asia.

Daimici Robert

No matter how much the stage changes, I still get the butterflies!” She adds “I enjoy all aspects, whether I’m behind the scenes creating a story through movement, to leaving my heart on the dance floor. Creating inspires my soul and I hope it does for others when they see me dance. I believe it’s important to follow your dreams and passions. To inspire yourself is to inspire others. My family is all in the entertainment industry, so I knew early that this was what I wanted to do.”

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