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Fashion Designer: Gloria Edwards

A Stitch in Time

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With clean lines that follow the body with uncanny resolution the uncontrollable radiance of vegan use of fabrics, the preciousness of futuristic materials, hand embroidery, shimmering denim, to edgy pinstripe wool gabardine. Gloria coveys us from inside her magic realm of creative style, to an incredible feminine delightful mindscape where structure, color, and texture melt into one single overwhelming feeling of delight, the kind that only the most perfected craftsmanship can provide, raise us into the trailing heights where her quirky sense of detail surges and finally bursts, leaving us electrified.

An interview with the sophisticated and intriguing talented Fashion Designer- Gloria Edwards

Gloria, you have worked for some of the most prestigious labels in LA, what is your most memorable moment?

GE: Probably working for a brand called Band of Gypsies. It was a take on Jimi Hendrix’s album Band of Gypsy, but they changed the spelling of Gypsy for copyright purposes. The design department and production department, well is full of crazies, but the good crazies. I hear them on the phone yelling to factories to meet the delivery dates, just really tough people who work there. It was amazing, they would sale many dresses for like 70,000 units per style. I have never in my life seen or worked for such a successful brand. I would get tons of clothes from samples sales, the sample sales alone were just mind blowing.gloria edwards

How would you view yourself currently in the role you play working in the fashion industry?

GE: I work behind the scene, mainly on the production side. With my many years of sewing and pattern making expertise, I fall into a category known as technical design, pattern making, with production coordinator experience. I don’t design for companies anymore, I kind of moved out of that field, but I work on my designs off the clock hours. I have a studio, which is my dining room, and I work out of there designing custom made garments for myself and usually musicians on tour or for playing locally.

Where are you at currently with design and what are some of your future goals?

GE: I work for a brand in DTLA the fashion district. I love everything about being downtown, it is exciting. I recently was asked to design for Mikey Sembello’s Greece Tour (Famed 80’s singer known from the hit song She’s a Maniac on the Flash Dance soundtrack). I am also working with Los Angeles base fashion photographer Patrick Nadjarians from 27 Hill Studios, on some up and coming shoots. I work with him from time to time and love his use of lighting, locations, models, and make up artists he scouts out.

You have said you have designed for musicians in bands, did you approach them, or how did this come about?

GE: Some of them I approach, some have been offered to me from people who I know who work in the music industry such as my talent agency CSG talent.

You have certain trademarks and distinctions regarding who you are and what you design. Can you tell us a little about them?

GE: My hairstyle is my biggest trademark. I worked with Kenny Kallum who was once art director for Toni and Guy in New York, and he approached me in North Carolina wanting me to be his living walking hair model, he crafted my hair to be my trademark. I’ve had the same rocker mullet since then, which was the early 2000’s. Him and I have worked on numerous photo shoots, he currently owns Boho Salon in Greensboro, NC. Also, other trademarks or distinctions would be my use of fabrics in my designs and use of embellishments.

I understand your use of unusual material in your designs sets you aside from the norm, how did that come about? And what was your favorite decade for fashion?

GE: It goes back to the 80’s. Fashion statements were being thrown around back then. I am kind of stuck in that era. I love everything about it and I was an 80’s kid, I grew up to the music and the movies.

Can you tell us why the use of Vegan fabrics?

GE: When I was 14 years old my English teacher at the time let the students borrow books for holiday breaks and I borrowed “A New Diet for America”. It’s about the abuse that animals endure when in the slaughter line. That book forever changed my life. I went from vegetarian, to vegan, to currently now pescatarian.

I think your vision on fashion and life is very exciting. It has been a thrill talking to you and hearing about your life and interests. We will be sure to keep an eye on what you come up with next!

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